Beaba Babycook?????? weaning time...

hey...if you can tel me what do you think about this baby equipment? it says blend, steams, de-frosts and does everything ...any one has got this...please let me know...
thank you so much


  • I One of the best things I have brought! I have advised all my frieds to buy one. So easy to use and clean. Makes life that much easier, still using it now and my 'baby' is nearly two.I have mostly only used the steam and blend functions.
  • thank you so much..all the best to you and your babyimage
  • I should have written more in my first reply. With the Baby Cook, you just chop up your veges or whatever, put it in the basket, then put in the required amount of water then switch on and it takes about 15 mins to get steamed veges. If you are like me, I always forgot to check up on the veges they either got burned or I put too much water in. But with this machine, it turns itself off, then you simply blend it according to your babies needs. It is also great to travel with, that way you always have baby food. It is not that heavy or big. Even my mum was impressed with it. It made me want to cook for my baby (not a fan of the cooking thing in general), it wasn't that much of a chore anymore. Its so easy, and with all the other things that you need to do with a baby, it just makes sense. Am just waiting to start weaning Baby no. 2.
    Keep me posted on whether you do it or not.
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