Consumer Rights after 28 days purchase - pushchair???


Does anyone know what our consumer rights are after the 28 days purchasing date of buying a pushchair?

I would like to know where I stand before going into the store.

I have had a Loola Confort for typically just over the 28 days and have returned it for the straps extending as they are too short. However, there are also another couple of things that are dodgy on the pushchair and it is also killing my back getting it in and out of the car and to be honest I have just had enough of it now.

Am I entitled to get a credit note because of the problems I am having and replace with a different model?

Help and advise needed please.



  • where did you buy it from?

    i bought my silvercross dazzle from John Lewis, and had it about 2 1/2 months when it started to squeek. i rang them up and they swapped it for a brand new one.

  • Hi, i dont want to be the bearer of bad news but i know you got it from mothercare and as i work for them, i very much doubt they will let you return it after the 28days. What store is it you go to? It will all depend on the manager, i know my manager probably wouldn't do it. What are the other problems with it? Have you asked for them to be fixed whilst its away?
  • Hey northernlass

    I emailed Dorel about my loola the other day and I had an email back saying that I have to send it in to be fixed. I went into mothercare and they are going to arrange for it to be sent off and also they will get me a new raincover. Don't know if they will be able to fix it as I think that the pram is just supposed to be like that. They will also give me a temporary buggy, probably be a manky old one though!

  • Hi lucy82,

    I sent my buggy away the other week and I've been using an old Maclaren Techno Classic I had in the garage. I had forgotten how easy to use and trustworthy the Maclarens are!

    I also took my double buggy back off ebay so I can still use this if I walk to school as it's too far for my 2nd to walk there and back.

    To be honest I have moaned so much about the Loola that I am seriously considering selling it when it comes back and just getting another Maclaren.

    Hubby fed up of me moaning and said just get rid of the lot and keep te Maclaren. Thought he would have a fit after what I paid for the Loola but if I'm not happy with it there is no point putting up with it is there.

    I haven't even missed it!

    Leila x

  • Hi,

    I think if something is faulty you can always exchange it and no timeline applies. The 28 days are only relevant when you want to exchange it without reason. So I am sure you will get a credit note. Good luck!
  • Hi just wanted to check what happend, where you able to return it? Something similar happened to me and I had to complain quite a bit but finally they allowed me to return it. Hope you are fine and problem is solved.
  • Kell2, just wondered what you thought of the silvercross dazzle pushchair as this is the one i am thinking of getting. Sorry to hijack the post!! :\)

    Suzi 18wks xx
  • I'm still waiting for the pushchair to be returned after the straps are replaced.

    I'm going to see how I get on with it when it comes back and if I still have problems then I'll go back to the shop and fight my corner :\)

    I'm not spending that sort of money not to be satisified and anyway I'll still be spending the same amount again with them as will only if anything get a credit note which is fine by me.

    L x
  • Hi ya,

    if the pushchair isnt fit for purpose or it was sold to you and it didnt meet its discription then you should be entitled to a refund. I work in fashion so if I sold a top and the zip broke but the top had been worn I would have to refund cos the top wouldnt be fit for purpose. And if I sold a top that said it was 100% silk but it was in fact 100% cotton I would be selling somehting that didnt stand up to its description.

    I would fight your corner but remember your more likely to get somewhere if you stay calm and understand that they may be doing you a favour by giving you a credit note. There's nothing worse when you get an angry customer who shouts and shouts it just makes the sales assistant not want to help you!

    Good luck and push for a credit note gift vouchers xxx
  • hi suzi

    i love the Dazzle the only thing is my new one is now squeeking which is what buggys might just do but its annoying. they are expensive but worth it i think, oh and you have to buy the accessory pack (footmuff, parassol and change bag) separate at ??75. its really easy to put up and down and very sturdy too and i love the look of it, also get quite a few compliments!!

  • i have the loola and i brought this as a second pushchair and i dont like it at all!!!
    i agree its heavy the raincover is a pain in butt especially if you have a child who hates the raincover anyway!!!
    its comfy though especially if you have a newborn i like the fact that it faces both ways and you can see lo
    it is expensive!!! i brought a normal footmuff and it fitted perfectly and ill use it again this winter i did think about selling it but now ill keep it i think its easy to take on public transport but crap if you are trying to use your phone as well(you canrt push with one hand)
  • Thanks for the advice on the dazzle Kell2 :\)

    suzi xx
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