Rainforest Takealong Swing

I have been looking at the Rainforest Takealong Swing which says it's suitable from 0+ but I wondered if anyone has one, how long you could put your little one into it? It looks quite small so I don't want to buy something he won't fit into in 5 mins!


  • Hi Tracey i have got one and Lexie loves it i dont know how long it will last her but gonna make the most of it while it does i think she gets bored just laying down and she gets fed up being held so its helped us.
    take care
  • I was going to get the full size one but the price has put me off a bit coz it wont do any longer than the takealong version so lately I've swaying towards it. Plus it'll be great for over xmas when we go to our parents for xmas dinner (this time we might manage to get a few bites!!!)

    Hilary x
  • Well I went to Toys R Us for more investigation and decided I didn't like it that much when I compared it to the Graco swing I saw! The Graco swing was on offer for ??29.99, didn't have any annoying irremovable attachments and I decided I didn't really need rainforest noises or 5 speeds!
    The Graco swing is being discontinued and is rapidly selling out so i took the last one they had (on display) and they knocked another ??5 so i's all good!
  • That sounds good Trackieann, I think if I'd saw an offer like that I would have done the same

    Hilary x
  • the take along swing got recalled anyway!
  • Hi mskene do you know why the swing got recalled?thanks
  • mines been recalled

    the best bit is that they will replace it with anything from their current range, this includes the swing that is ??99 image

  • lol - thats ace - am pissed off tho wish they recalled the big one as i bought it and my lo has now outgrown it, could of been doing with something else lol! it was one of the best things i ever bought!
  • we had the take along swing bought it in April, started using it in June and it was recalled a few weeks later Mothercare gave us our money back we were never offered a replacement had to put money to to buy a graco one...
  • i was in mothercare the other day and i see there back on the shelves!
  • Well this rainforest take along swing sounds fab!
    There is one on Ebay and is just down the road so can save on postage and its onl ??20 with no bids!!
    Its brand new as was bought as a pressie but they didn't have room for it apparently!
    Sounds like a bargain, i might have to have a bid!! xxx
  • hi i got in touch with the company that make it and it has been recalled so they are going to sort it for us the number to ring is 01628 500303 the swing is too low and doesnt support baby enough.take careimage
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