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Movement Sensor?

Hello there!

we've been told we should get a under mattress baby movement sensor instead of the video monitor - there's so many we're a bit lost, has anyone got one of these already?

any tips welcome!!!


  • we have just bought the angelcare one (i found the cheapest place to buy this was from amazon) it arrived in 2 days, and all seems to work fine! it has really good reviews. our LO hasnt arrived yet, but we have tested it ourselves and all seems simple enough! plus hopefully will mean i can sleep at night without worrying to much!
    ive heard that the tommee tippee ones are rubbish - but im not sure!
  • we bought the angelcare one too - not used it yet - was on offer on
  • i use the angel care one everynight and it is very good.. just make sure to turn it off before you get your baby out of its cot otherwise the alarm will sound. but definately recommned it.
  • I used the tommee tippee sensor monitor with my first born and found it really good gave me great piece of mind. I got another one when i had my twin girls so they are on one each at the moment. haven't had any probs with them and they are really sensitive pick up the slightest movements.
  • thanks everyone, we've bought an angelcare but not used it yet....

    thanks for the feedback and tips!

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