Tommee Tippii or Avent bottles and steralisers

Anyone got some feedback on the differences, best bits, worst bits of using either Avent or Tommee Tippii bottles and steralisers ?
My friend said stick to Avent as she thought they were really good. But I quite like the sound of the TT ones, anti colic valves etc.
Are they much and much the same ? MIL is goingt o buy them for me so I want to tell her exactly what to get or god knows what I'll end up with !! Thanks, S x


  • I have the tommee tipee ones and they are fab! We have the steam steriliser, microwave steriliser bottles and I had the breast pump they really are all brill. You can now get vari flow teats for the bottles which are great as you just need to buy them once rather than the slow, medium and fast and depending on how hard baby sucks depends how much milk they will get. I honestly cannot praise them enough, I have never had leaks or anythin with them xxx
  • we used the avent ones and they too are anti colic valves and vari flows etc etc. They're fab, and i loved the steam steriliser.
    The electric breast pump is fab, and the storage system works really well.

  • O love tommee tippee,
    ive got the cheap steriliser that does microwave or cold water and i love it.
    its only ??15 and you get 3 bottles too. plus you can get milk storers that go inside the bottle for out and about which take up little space.
  • I think someone said the tommee tippee stuff is on offer at asda half price at the mo. Dont quote me on that though xxx
  • I have tommee tippee but not used it yet. MIL bought almost entire range as a pressie. A lot of it is half price in toys r us at mo, you can get them from toys r us online too
  • I have the tommee tippee ones and also the steam steriliser and think they are both great and have had no problems at all with any of them.
  • I got the TT ones with microwave steriliser for ??10 at asda. Excellent value and my baby has never suffered from colic. Only problem i have had is getting the top back on the bottle properly after putting the powder dispenser in the bottle. Can anyone advise me where i am going wrong with this as i'm sure it's just something i'm doing wrong?:\?
  • I got the tomee tippii one after going through feedback and reviews (and it was half price in toys r us) but i'm a little confused. On the box it says it take 5 mins to sterilise and if left in the steriliser will remain sterilised for up to 3 hrs. Does this mean after 3 hrs it de-sterilises and will need to be sterilised again?? What happens at night??

    I'm sorry for taking over the post but am pretty confused.
  • Ooh I don't know. Sounds like it means you need to do it again eh ? I'm off to Toys R us this weekend and hopefully it will all still be half price. S x
  • FAO: Fatema

    Yeh, you do have to steralise again after 3 hrs technically. I think most sterilisers are the same though? For the first month or two we actually got up for the night feeds and sterilised the bottles as we needed them. After a while though we got fed up with all that and started making up bottles for during the night but just putting water in them and then adding the milk when we went to use the bottle. It saved time and effort not having to sterilise on demand! Officially you are not supposed to do that but we have had no problems doing it this way and HV said it was fine.
    Hope this helps?
  • Thanks Imt for your reply, it was very helpful.
    fatema xxx
  • Mothercare are selling a steriliser called The Pod, it keeps bottles sterile for 6 hours if it is not opened image
    I used a Mothercare one when my daughter was born and it was very good, it can be used as electric, microwave or cold water sterilising. I also bought a Tommy Tippie one from Wilkinson's for ??12 and it comes with ??12 worth of bits inside (bottles, bottle brush, Milton tablets etc...), it is a cold water type one I bought to leave at my mum's so when ever I visited or stayed over I wouldn't be lugging one around.

    Dolina xx

  • hi i use tt - they are great. I have the tt microwave steraliser - it is also great - no probs. I also had the worry about the 3 hr thing when by lo was born but that is only true if you leave the stuff as it is in it. If you put the bottles together and put the lid on they stay sterile - you can take them out and abut etc. i use a mothercare formula pot to carry formula measured out - they are cheaper than tt pots for the bottles.
  • Newbiemum is right about the bottles. Its only when they are left in the steriliser, that they stay sterile for 3 hours. Once the bottle has been put together and has the cap on it, water/milk in it etc, it is sterile for 24h. Keep in fridge if it has the milk in it...keep at room temp with the water. Either way can be kept for 24 hours.

    I use tommee tipee and think they're great bottles. They're really good for newborns as the teats are flattened, like a boob lol. Whereas the avent teats seem quite bulky - we had a few boots bottles with similar teats - and my lo had trouble drinking from em when he was tiny.

    Also my baby has never had colic
  • I used Tommee Tippee for my daughter. They were fab, never had any probs, really comfy to hold. Also if you're planning to breastfeed they are great to use for giving expressed feeds, as the teat is really big and shaped and ridged like a real breast. I breastfed for 9mths and mixed with bottle use for expressed and formula milk and still use them now. Also plan to use the same with baby I'm expecting now.
    Hope that helps
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