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Hi Mummys,

Im at the stage where I am starting to tell people that we are expecting our beautiful baby.
I would like to make a list of what we need (i.e. if anyone wants to buy gifts etc) but am a total novis.. and havent got a clue where to start...

Can anyone help? by suggesting what I will need???

Sorry to put the burdon on you... any suggestions would be great!!!

I.e. Dummys (which ones? are there different sizes??)
Any collic stuff?


  • There was a great list on the babiesrus website (i know its on the back of their catalogue aswell).
    It split things up to into sections, ie feeding - bathing - travelling etc.
  • Thanks will take a look image x
  • johnsons also do a nice baby box full of pretty much baby toiletress its really good!!

    boots do they the baby checklist aswell image
  • HI & congratulations your gonna be a mummy

    There are so many different ranges of dummys, nappies etc, i think it's down to individual preferance.

    I have always used Avent dummys, they come with a cap that you can attach to it, when your baby is not using the dummy for hygiene reasons, yes they do come in different age groups, so newborn to begin with, then 0-3 etc.

    Nappies: They all do their job, i always go for the special offers, getting most for ya money. I always buy HUGGIES, they always have the most for ya money.

    Colic: Infacol (from birth) you can buy any pharmacy or supermarket, to be taken before each feed, but take note it doesn't always work, sometimes it does & sometimes it don't. Gripewater you can use once your baby is 1 month old, administer using a syringe.

    Wipes: some people use the supermarket own brands thinking they cost less, but i feel it costs you more in the long run because they're so dry you need more to clean up the mess, which is not cost effective. So go with pampers or huggies.

    Happy new year
    little missie
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