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Hi, Ive just got a Freedom Sling and it's great, can be used up to about 40lb of weight, and for newborns too and lots of different ways of carrying the little ones! The lady who makes them/sells them is so helpful too, she sells the via ebay, just type in Freedom Slings, and if you email her she will give you her phone number so you can talk through which is the best sling to use. I thought she would just sell me the most expensive one, but she actually recommended the cheapest to me, which I bought and got the next day through the post, really pleased with it, so comfy to wear. I suffer with a joint condition and I haven't had any pain with it at all. Then again, the lady shoudl know what she's on about, she has 12 kids!xx


  • how easy are the slings in general to put on and get baby into? have been looking on internet and pouches and ring slings look complicated, are they? thanks xx
  • i like suzaie have a freedom sling off ebay its really easy to just throw on and off and i used to even feed bubba with it on it was so comfy , imajine m&s on a sun me tits out doing the shopping:lol:
  • Thanks for all your help. just contacted freedom slings she has been really helpful. she has suggested a ring sling for breastfeeding one and a murron pouch to go on back for other so gonna give them a go. Price is good too been looking at babywearer website and all their slings are ??50. thanks again
  • Just to say anyone interested in slings the freedom slings that are advertised on eBay kids_are_cheaper_by_the_dozen are really good. service and advice is brilliant, they dont try to sell you the most expensive they advise you of what suits your lifestyle. My friend is using them on a real baby and i have been practising using them on my cat, and he definatly gives them a paws up! xx
  • That's who I bought mine off, she's great.
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