Nursing Recliner Chair

I am looking to buy a reclining nursing chair.
Any advice/bargains people can recommend would be great.Thanks


  • hi we got ours from think it was about ??85 we also got the stool think it was ??5 & with the delivery was about ??95 all together would recommend getting the stool we weren't going to bother but it is alot more comfortable hope this helps xo
  • Hiya
    Well Mum bought my chair and we got a Hauck 3 stage recliner and it's FAB! It's so lovely to sit in, roll on maternity leave, I think I will live in it reading til bump arrives!
    I did see OH having a lie in it last night so it seems he's rather taken with it too!
  • have some in a sale now it comes with free delivery as well i think...........
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