Good afternoon everyone.
Im going to be a new mum at the age of 38 only got one month to go so Im in full panic mode now. I was seeking any views regarding Mamas and papas LUNA travel system. Ive got a mini car and was trying to see if i could keep it with a new baby . Impossible dream I know. Has any one got one used one

Best wishes to you all

joanna :\)


  • The negative I've heard on the Luna (and other M&P prams) is that the harness isn't very secure for a young baby, as it hooks onto the back of the seat and often comes unhooked and slips around.
  • i think its a nice pram love the pink and green one x
  • the luna has not been a great sucsess!! the seat its not very big and it sort of slants! its ok for a new born as they will be laying flat but a older baby and a toddler because of the way the seat slants and the floating harness does look like the baby could fall out even tho there is no way it can!!
    if u go in to a mamas and papas shop they sould explain all about the floating harness and u can put the car seat on the luna to but only for 2-3 hours so if ya out all day ya would need to use the seat unit!! hope this helps!!! xx
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