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Concord Neo Proton

We are thinking of getting the Concord Neo with the proton car cot (very lucky as FIL has offered to buy us our buggy)
I just wondered if anybody had this or any comments??? Reviews seem few and far between. :\?

Thank you everyone xxx


  • hiya, i had the full works, concord , car seat and carry cot but i had the scout carry cot that folds, i would definatly recommend it, its roomer than alot so they can stay in it abit longer, its so nice that not many people have it either so you feel special, only probs are no shopping basket and as its one handle not easy to stick shopping bags on, as the carry cot is water resistant it doesnt have a raincover so if it rains heavy it can go in through the opening. but i really loved it, i would definatly like another next time.

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