fancy dress when 6 months pregnant

wondered if anyone had any ideas for costumes for a friends fancy dress party, I'll be 6 months pregnant and keep trying (probably stupidly) to think of something a bit glam rather than hiding in a tent!
any iseas much appreciated


  • what about a cat? not exactly glam but you could wear some black trousers and black top which youve probably already got (and fit in) and then you can just add a tail, ears and paint your face etc. Dont think they have maternity fancy dress costumes in shops! Or a hula girl, just wear some bright normal clothes and put the grass skirt and cocunuts, leis etc on top ( i had to do this last week for beach party). Let you know if i think of anything more glamourous!
  • These probably aren't very original but I thought it was kind of fun trying to com up with ideas. A pumpkin, a mummy - to - be (some gauze should do the trick), you could paint your belly and make it as a part of the costume (basket ball/athelete, bun/oven, football/ teamplayer,crystal ball/ gypsy), perhaps a butterfly or caterpillar as you are in a state of change, winnie the pooh or any animal character with a round tummy, my friend went as a pregnant nun but hesitate to suggest as it could cause offense. Good luck and do let us know what you decide.
  • I'm so glad you asked this as i'm in the same situation, i've got to find something for a party and i'll be 6 months too.
    Its so difficult though isn't it. I only thought of a pregnant nun but thats about it! My friend said I should go as a teletubby! Nice! If I think of anything i'll put another post on here xx
  • my friend suggested humpty dumpty!!! thinking at the momment of Jordan when she was pregnant as have borrowed some pink velvet tracksuit bottoms (mmm!) and will just be back from hol so may not need the fake tan! Like the hawaiin idea too as think have stuff for that
  • I've found out i've got to go to a bloody murder mystery night at 7 months which is fancy dress! Hope my character is preganant and not too glamorous. I like the Jordan idea, get loads of those blonde hair pieces to add to your hair too and pile on the eyeliner!
  • Hi lisalisa
    Though probably not much help, I went to a fancy dress party, 5 days before my first was born and went as a pregnant lady, and my oh as the nervous expectant dad, (so just wore normal clothes, as wasn't sure I'd find anything to fit me)
  • Hi

    I was 8 mths pregnant for my Dads 60th fancy dress party. I went as an army person. GI Jane my mum called me. I bought 42 inch waist army combats and dog tags from army and navy store and had a topshop maternity black t shirt (a tight one). The trousers were way too long so cut some off the legs and tied it round my head.

    Hope I'm not too late in my reply.

    Kelly :\)
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