What mattress???


Have finally came to the realisation that baby will need a few more things than just the hospital bag image (and which I haven't got ready yet, even though week 37 starts tomorrow...)

what mattress should I go for? We are likely to have a cot, but there are so many different options for mattresses - how do I know which is the best one and also - is there such a thing as a bad mattress??

Help, please!!!!



  • Hi! It all boils to cash. If you can't afford a top one then theres nothing to say the usual foam mattress wont suffice. However, if you can stretch to it, or even manage to grab a bargain in the sales or on Ebay (as I did), I'd recommend a sprung mattress as they're very comfy and supportive. I personally like Mothercares Amicor sprung mattress as advertised on the website!!
  • I ordered a deluxe foam mattress from mamas & papas for both the new cot I ordered from them & the carry cot I have. I plan on buying an insert from sleepcurve to help prevent flat head syndrome. But as others said, it depends on your budget.

    Plenty kids don't have a luxury matress so just go with what you can afford & just check it regularly to make sure it is still in good condition.
  • I went for the natural fibre mattress from a company called 'green baby'. It has coconut fibres inside which are supposed to keep bubs cool. There are so many out there!
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your replies!!
    I endded up buying a mattress online from a company called cot-mattress. It arrived this morning and I suppose it did come down to budget! image
    I chose one that was suppose to be extra protective of dust and allergies as we live in a basement and tend to get more dust than other places...
    I wish not everything in life was down to a budget!!! I'd have moved out of this tiny studio and get my baby a real nursary!

    einav x
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