I have been buying allsorts of nappies so that i can compare and you would not believe it, but the tesco's ones are just like pampers!! the pack is the same colour and the nappies are almost identical, i bet they are made by pampers for tesco! they are much cheaper and really absorbent and soft!! Try them!!! also found that boots ones compared well to huggies!!!! give them a try and post back on here to let me know what you all think!!!image


  • I use the tesco ones as someone on here posted that they were the more or less the same when I was pregant! I think they're great - I've had no leaks at all so far and believe me there have been plenty of opportunity for them!!
  • i use tesco ones aswell and no leaks either i think there great.
    there a 2 types of tesco ones. i use the ones in the purple packet (superfit) ??6.97 for 56 nappies what about you?
  • Hi I use Boots nappies and find them great. My daughter was premature so I had to buy Boots own nappies for low birth weight. They are very good and fit perfect. She is only 9 weeks old and I am still using them. I think when she gets bigger I will keep using them. They are cheaper as well and Boots always have offers on. Might try the Tesco ones now as well as you are all recommendning them.
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