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Hi All,

My little Sam is just 3 months old and a little munchkin as he wieghs 16Ibs already! a little concerned about how much longer he is going to fit into the maxi cosi car seat - anybody any ideas how long they are supposed to last? Also I am stuggling to lift him in and out of the car at the moment, does anyone know if I can start using this car seat facing forward or placing in the front of the car so I can just lift him into it ? ...any advice would be much appreciated !


  • Great thanks for this info hon, I will have a look on the website, I don't know how people manage to lift them in the seat up to 12 months, I think I must be a complete wimp!

  • I also have a Sam who is very heavy in his Maxi Cosi Cabriofix. He is a little older, 5 months, and weights almost 19lbs. I was worried about this too as he looks so uncomfortable in it width ways especially when wearing a coat. I really struggle to carry him too. I asked in Mothercare and they said that he is supposed to stay in it until 9 months and that it is safest to keep them in the rear facing seats as long as possible. The next size up starts from 20lbs. I have started to leave the car seat in the car and carry him out.
  • We were having this problem with our little munchkin, he is 7 months but I really wanted to keep him rear facing untill he is one. In the end we have bought a Concord Ultimax combination seat. It's suitable from birth till they are 4, starts off facing backwards then when they are big enough you can turn it round. Barney looks loads comfier, he can actually move his arms now!
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