caboodle smart bag

just got my caboodle smart day nappy bag n gotta say well worth the money! (although i was cheeky n bought it cheap on ebay ) it has loadsa pockets a mini change bag inside removeable insulated bottle bag its really good value at 33 quid


  • I love change bags, I bought a Pink Lining bag when Neve was born (she is 4 months) but have seen the new Cath Kidston ones and now I REALLY want one for summer. Husband will not be very impressed if I come home with another bag!

    Lollyhatch your Caboodle bag is lovely - good idea to get it on Ebay.
  • i so wanted a pink lining bag but oh was like laura there is no way ur paying 75 quid on a nappy bag!!! but he needs new footie boots apparently 90 quid on them is an investment, not if i decide to reverse over them it wont be lalalala
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