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Mothercare Card........

Hello all, i was just wondering if anyone had signed up for the mothercare card at mothercare? Its sort of a credit card i guess to help pay for all those big purchases cotbed, pushchair, crib etc. Was considering getting it and paying off everything slowly. Any recommendations?



  • Do you have to pay interest on it? If you do then it might be worth getting an interest free deal on a credit card instead and then paying that off instead. Lots if these cards work on really high interest and its worth finding something that doesn't. Plus you wouldn't be tied into just buying from Mothercare.

    Also I believe Mamas and Papas will let you choose your nursery/baby things instore, pay them off and you collect them when the balance is paid, I think that is interest free.
  • Mothercare also have a service like that, its called the Nursery Plan. You can choose the items you want and you pay at least 10% of the total when you open it then you can pay the rest off over time until 2weeks before your chosen delivery date & then your items are delivered to you as long as you've paid it all off. There is a ??????10 admin charge if you don't pay it all off within 28 days & you can keep the plan open for up to 6months. You can't have your items delivered until 1month has passed after opening

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  • Forgot to say about the actual mothercare card, it does charge high interest rates but you do earn points every time you use it & they do promotions quite often, like triple points etc. You get sent vouchers every 3 months reflecting how many points you have. There is also an option of a mastercard instead of just a storecard so you can use that anywhere not just mothercare and you will still get points with every use. Hope that helps you a bit!
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