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best double buggy for public transport?

I am due my second baby in october, and my eldest will 18months old (!). I don't drive, so i have to rely on buses to get me into town. The bus company itself doesn't feel that the route through my village needs buses with buggy access, so it would also have to be carried up 2 steps! If anybody could reccomend a double buggy, i would be very grateful!:\?


  • maclaren do a really nice umbrella fold twin, my mum has one for the grandkids we bought it second hand from ebay!

    or another option for you to think about is putting your newborn in a front baby carrier to save the hassle of a double buggy!
  • I have got a baby carrier, got it for my son and hardly used it! Might have to dust it off! Thanks for the maclaren tip though, i will be off to mothercare to try one out i think!
  • oo i was gonna suggest a sling too! i have a freedom sling - - and love it cos it's really comfy and lo looks cosy and falls asleep in it
    also worth a look might be the graco quattro tour double:
    it says it folds to the same size as the single so you should be ok to carry it up the steps, tho it looks quite heavy. you could put baby in a car seat so you unclip that and carry that in one hand, have your bag on your shoulder and pram in the other hand, and hopefully your lo will be able to toddle/crawl onto and down the bus for you. and pray there's a nice person to help you if you have more bags!!
    i don't think mothercare have it in their stores but i think babies r us do.
    good luck choosing!! xxx

  • I've seen an article on the buggypod, but it didn't say if you had to take it off to fold it up, or if you could leave it on. Thankfully, coz i live in a little village most of the bus drivers don't mind waiting while i get on, and usually offfer to hold my little boy's reins, but as for helping with pushchairs and bags, i can only think of 2 occasions where that's happened. And there isn't always another passenger on the bus!! If my son was a bit older, i would have gone for a buggy board, but i don't think it fits on a graco quattro tour!
  • oh you're so lucky to have nice bus drivers! the ones around me are normally v impatient and in a rush cos they're late. you do get some nice ones tho, and cos i get the same bus about the same time when i get it there are lots of people who recognise me and help me on/off, make sure i've got a seat etc, one man even offered to hold skyler just after he'd puked while i found the wet wipes!!
    the buggy boards are supposed to be pretty universal, BUT cs is right, they don't fit on the graco quattro, i assume not on the double either, and apparently they don't fit with most gracos. i think its cos they don't have the right bar at the bottom back or something?? also i've seen a few mums out with buggy boards and they look bloody hard work getting over kerbs etc!!
    another brill double is the phil and teds sport or e3, i have it, you can get a double kit for it. i have it for long walks in the country and it's fab, but it is rather expensive (i got mine 2nd hand) and quite chunky so maybe not best on public transport, tho it does fold easily. xxx

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