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Hi guys,

Me and my partner are expecting a baby in October, and we spent ages looking for a decent travel system on a budget, and after much searching we came across this one, which saved us a bundle, so I'm trying to share it with as many parents as possible. Click this for the link! Graco Travel Systems.

Hope it helps you as much as it helped us. Now i'm off to read about the horror stories of public breastfeeding. Not something I'm looking forward to (the grief we'll get I mean.)!


  • Hello,dont worry about public breastfeeding,I breastfed happily for 7 months absolutly everywhere,parks,trains,shops,planes u name it weve done it believing it was my God given right to do so only to find out 2 weeks ago that it is yuor right but only in Scotland!!!! England is still only considering the law!!!Netherless,to this day my baby is fully breastfed and we dont own a single bottle or a sterilizer.I hane never encountered bad attitude from anybody,even packs of horrible schoolboys would to my amazment simply smile and look away.Good luck and enjoy!!!!
  • Ah, I appreciate the words of support! Read a story in Take a Break a few days ago (they've got a campaign going about breastfeeding in public), in which a lady breastfeeding had a damp dishcloth thrown over her shoulder and the baby's head by the propriertor of a cafe. Personally I'd have got up and punched him. So i'm hoping I live in a town of forward thinking types who will smile and simply turn away too.
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