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Hi Guys
Whats feeding bottles are you all getting, i can remember a thread a couple of days ago which was about a brand called 'Doctor' or somthing. Does this ring a bell to anyone. They said it was a good brand of bottle to get.


  • Hi there,
    you're probably thinking of Dr Brown's bottles? They are meant to be really good for colic. They are quite expensive (around ??20 for 4) and they have to be put together quite specifically to work properly and to not leak. I never needed to use them but other people have really raved about them!
    I just used Avent bottles with my children, I tried MAM with my youngest coz he was quite sicky but it didn't make any difference
  • Yes they are Doctor Browns. I never used them either. I used Tommee Tippee bottles and found them really good.
  • I've only used Dr Browns bottles and have so far never had a colic problem. They also make them in glass now - since plastic is supposed to be toxic. Not so hard to assemble at all and the way to make sure they don't leak is to not fill them beyond the specified line.
  • I use Dr Browns bottles too and I think they are fantastic, yes they are a little more expensive than others but worth every penny. I had Tommee Tippee ones to start with and changed to Dr Browns as my lo suffers from silent reflux.
  • I had Tommee Tippee to start with but lo suffered with wind so i changed to dr brown's and they are worth every penny, i tried to change to avent (as you can't shake dr brown bottles) when lo was about 6 months but she got wind so we went back to the trusty dr browns, they are a bit fiddly and more expensive but they work for us so worth the money.
  • I used avent with my other two and they were ok but I fancied a change this time and tried the mam ones, they were a bit fiddly to put together but you get the hang of it. I noticed that you dont get as much air in them as usual bottles so I like them!! The dummies a good too.
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