travel cots

can anyone advise on travel cots.

will be needing one as travel lots to family and will be spending a few days at a time there. don't want to get into any bad habits of having baby in bed with us.

need one which is comfortable to use all the time as will be using it as a cot until baby goes into room by himself. he's currently in moses basket but has grown out of it.



  • hi I spent ??50 on Mothercare classic travel cot after reading a good rewiew and I wish I hadnt bothered.It was absolute waste of money and a worst buy ever.The mattress folds into 3 pieces which cuts my baby in a back and makes the most horrible noise whenever the baby stirrs,inavitably waking her up.The sheets u can buy especcially for the cot mattress pull the whole 3 pieces together giving it uneven surface and myself a feeling that her head was lower than the rest of her body.I stopped using it straight away and bought a cheep cot for grandmas instead.Good luck.My friend spent 150 pounds on new limited edition gRACO electra and was also dissapointed.
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