reclining glider chairs

Hi, does anyone have a baby weavers recilning glider chair? If so, is it any good and would you recommend it? Al x


  • Hi
    Shame nobody replied and I've only just seen your post as my chair arrives tomorrow. I will let you know 8\)
  • Thanks still trying to decide whether to get it. Al x
  • Hi Girls

    I have bought one when i was 5 months pregnant, i got mine from it is absolutley fantastic it only cost ??99 delivered and comes with a gliding footstool as well. It is really comfortable it is definately a must buy if you struggle sitting on the sofa
  • I got one of these chairs too. I got it from one of the baby shows at about ??99 too. My hubby bought it for me when we were pregnant, but I found that he used it more than me! I didn't mind though. I would still like to use it now that LO is here, but we have since moved to live with the in laws and I don't have anywhere to put it in 'their' living room so it's in the spare room. Must make some room for it...
  • Hi

    Sorry, I haven't been online since my chair arrived! Anyway, I got the baby Weavers recliner last week. It's great. It was ??99 with delivery from Kiddicare. It's so comfy, I wish I'd bought one last time I was pregnant, it's gonna be ideal for newborn feeds.
    My toddler absolutely loves it too so I'd recommend it all round image

  • Thanks for all your comments. Turns out my mil has a rocking chair, so i'm going to use that for now. Al x
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