advice on baby baths xx

hi im just wondering if anyone could recomend a baby bath that doesnt require you to hold the baby as i only have use of one hand so wouldnt be able to hold the baby and bathe it at the same time lol


  • i've bought a bath support - i think it was about ??12 from tesco and can be used in a normal or baby bath, its just like a miniture deck chair.
  • We had the tigix bath support for lo which did him up to about 4 months when he outgrew it (but he's quite it'd do a smaller baby longer) -- it was stuck to the bath and didn't move, and although it looks really uncomfy, lo was quite happy. think it was about ??14.
  • Hi
    We got a wide baby bath from Mamas and Papas that has a newborn insert moulded into the bottom of it, and once your baby can sit unaided he/she moves to the other end of the bath and utilises part of the moulded bit for a support between the legs (hope that makes sense). It cost ??20 which isn't much more thana standard bath plus a separate insert, and we would rate it as one of our top 5 purchases. As it is so wide our son used it till he was 9 months, the only reason we moved him to the big bath was because he splashed so much and we needed higher sides! Hope that helps.
  • i just got a tummy tub, there quite simple and easy to use, in argos or toys r us
  • hi thankyou for all your advise i found it all really helpful image we decided to go for the one from mamas and papas xx
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