Avent IQ24 - is it worth £60 ?

Hi Ladies

Off to get our sterliliser on monday and we think we will get the AventIQ24 which is ??60 in boots.

Can i ask is this one worth it?? all the reviews say its fantastic I'm just not sure as the next one down is ??39.99 and every penny counts when buying all this kit for the first time?

I didn't expect buying a steriliser to be so confusing!

cheers for the input...it would really help to get some practical honest feedback.

love Moo (Laurie xx)


  • I would say that all sterilisers do the same thing so I personally wouldn't spend ??60 on one. I bought a microwave one for about ??15 from Mothercare and it's been fine! If I was to ever have another baby I would buy a cold water steriliser as you can just put each bottle in as you've used it rather than wait for a whole load of them to do together!
    ??60 seems like a lot of money to spend on one thing!
  • I bought a fancy steriliser it might even be that one and to be honest i've hardly used it so can't even think of the exact model but it was an Avent and at the time it cost around ??55. I breastfed my first for the 12 months then got pregnant and second now 8 months old and still feeding him myself so was a waste of money. If you're plannning to bottlefeed then it might be worth it but seriously i've hardly used mine. Most people from my baby and toddler groups think the best and most convenient types are the cold water or microwave ones. My advice buy a cheaper one and go out for a nice lunch with what you save hahahah image) x
  • I bought the next one down in the Avent about ??40.00 and it is perfectly adequate. Think a lot of thinks aimed at mums are'nt always necessary. Our parents never had all this equipment and we are all OK. Check out the prices at Tesco or Asda to. Also look on ebay. My best buy was the Fisher Price warming flask which is great for popping bottle in to heat, or pouring water off the kettle to save for later. Never fancied the microwave steriliser, but the one we got has been fine. Save your money and put towards something you need.
  • Oh thanks so much ladies thats really helpful!

    I hadn't thought about a cold water one...my mum has just proudly said on the phone "told you so" ! ha ha.

    Will save the money me thinks and get a cheaper one...really thanks we both feel such plonkers when we look at this gear in the shop..totally clueless common sense seems to go poof out the window how strange!

    love moo xx
  • Good for you there is so much stuff out there that you really dont need, as long as baby is fed, clean and warm and loved that is all that matters. Saying that we did splash out and buy the fisher price jumperoo, and I must say it was the best thing we bought (we used the voucher code discount website and got it for about ??50), instead of a walker and door thing.
  • we bought this one
    its great - 8 mins of super heated steam and NO chemicals!!
    cheap at half the price, and would never recommend anything else.

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