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Cosatto Cabi car seat

Does anyone have one of these? I hae no idea how to fit it!



  • Hi Zoe,

    My brother has one of these and the instructions were absolutely crap! The diagrams don't show clearly how the belt fit round it. He gave it trials before my SIL went into hospital and after half an hour was ready to hurl it out of the car!! Thank god he didn't try to fit it in the hospital car park when they were taking the baby home! He brought it round for me to have a go and it was quite fiddly compared to my car seat, we ended up putting a towel under it so it propped up better as it seemed a bit slidy even though the seat belt was tensioned, this helped and it has been fine since.

    The handle of the car seat needs to be positioned down against the back of the seat. The diagonal part of the belt goes around the back of the seat and slots into the back of the seat. The lap part of the belt fits in the 2 clips on the seat on the sides - it will go over where babys legs will be. These clips aren't obvious as the material covers them slightly and they are really fiddly to get at.

    After a number of attempts my brother got the hang of it and now gets it in and out of the car really quickly. I hope this has helped, it's difficult to explain writing it down!!

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