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graco cleo

hi im trying to find out if anyoe has a graco cleo 2 in 1 pram and what they think to them are they any good i was looking at getting a sproggs until i read the reviews on here which made me change my mind also what do you guys think to the silver cross 3d pram:\?


  • hiya!!

    we had made up our mind on the graco cleo when we seen pics and reviews online, but after going along to our local babyland it just wasnt the same, it looked very complicated and the woman in the shop even struggled to get it to fold, which was no good to me if ive got a baby in one hand, i would need it too be simple!!

    we dont have alot of money, but this one was in the sale for ??250 (with everything) and it looks so simple to use, we built it up and have had a play about with it aswell.... some reviews say its to heavy, but ive seen lots of people with them

    maybe go along to a babyland/shop/ mothercare and have a play about with a few before making up your mind!!
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