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Silvercross linear freeway

Hi girls,

Has anyone got this or looked at it?? What are your thoughts?

Thanks image


  • Hi
    we had this for our daughter and loved it!! We had it in Pistachio. I was really sturdy, easy to use, easy to fold and we wish we had never sold it on as we are now trying for our second baby and now can't afford to buy another one image
    Have heard people saying that its too heavy or too big for the boot of the car but I have never found it heavy and it fit perfectly in the boot of our Peugeot 307.
    We only had one problem with it and that was the chassis was broken when we took it out of the box but we took it back to were we bought it and they got us a new chassis ASAP.
    When we bought it first time around (3 years ago) it wa a very popular pram and we ordered it in October and got it 2 weeks before our daughter was born in February so if you are thinkning of getting it then I would suggest leaving plenty of time between ordering and delivery of the pram.

    Hope that helped hunni.
  • i have the pistachio one too and i loved it when hayden was little really cosy and comfy, i unfortunately did have some probs getting it my wee car a suzuki swift but no probs in ohs car a ford mondeo. once hayden me and pram were in there was only room for one other person! i have started using it again on colder days but only if out with my mum or using hubbys car. otherwise i just use my buggy.

    Please checkit all fits in your car before you buy, i didn;t! silly me.
    love fiona
  • I have this one jet black........I loved that you can have baby facing you in the buggy mode...

    it was on sale for ??270 and ??90 for the car seat.....

    have been playing with it but as Im not due until October I can't comment - but I am sooooooo excited about using it....xxxxx
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