Car seats for Pug 206 - Any1 got Maxi Cosi Tobi?

Hi, I have a 3 door Peugeot 206 and I am currently looking at car seats for when my little boy gets too big for his infant carrier. We aren't planning on changing our car anytime soon, so I wondered what other Pug 206 car owners have bought for their kids. I like the Maxi Cosi Tobi as it looks good and the fact the adult seat belt goes around the front looks easier than threading it through the back - how most other car seats appear to be designed.


  • Hi, sorry for responding to your question with another question, but what buggy do you have? Me & hubby both have 206's, & have suddenly realised that the boot isn't exactly massive, & some modern buggies are! Wanted a Silver Cross 3D, but it was such a carry-on getting it into & out of boot when we tried at Mothercare I've changed my mind.
  • Hi, I have a buggy addiction actually!
    I have a Graco travel system which was my sisters, she bought it in France 7 years ago - it's abit of a squeeze but does fit, you need to make sure the front wheels are in the locked position...I think the newer Gracos are a more compact design though.
    I have also used a Mamas & Papas Pram - traditional old carriage style (my mum bought this for when my nephew was over as a baby 7 years ago), with this you could only fit the chassis in the boot, on it's side with the parcel shelf removed & the carrycot bit had to be put on the back seat, then where do you put the shopping?! It is gorgeous though...just need a Volvo estate to put it in!
    I also have a Jane Carrera (just over a year old - bought it off eBay) which fits in fine as it is a very compact fold & you can fold the handles down & if you have the carrycot carseat then that fits in the boot with the chassis too (I never used it as a carseat)...but this has a measily shopping basket so we don't take it out shopping with us which is ironic as I bought it to save some space in the boot for the shopping!
    I am also looking at getting a Jeep Shopper 6...
    If I was buying new I like the look of the Loola & the M&P's Pliko due to their folding methods.
    We hate the boot of our car (I hate the car! My husband had it before we met) and we want to change it for something like a Vauxhall Astra but there isn't any point yet as where we currently live is on road parking only & our current car is very damaged (not inflicted by us) so there isn't much point in changing it until we move house & get a GARAGE! I really want a garage! hee hee!

    Doesn't anyone have a Pug 206 with child seats in the back yet?
  • Hi, thanks for the reply - you weren't lying when you said you had a buggy addiction, were you?!
    Both our cars are fairly new, so we won't be changing them, will have to find a buggy that fits. Ironically we both used to have bigger cars, & hubby changed his recently, not long before I got pregnant. At the time we debated getting another 'family size' car, but it seemed uneconomical, especially as we were having problems ttc & there was no guarantee we would. (Plus his mum works for a Peugeot dealership so we both got good deals.) I think it's called sod's law! Never mind, I'm sure we'll find something.
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