Quinny Buzz 4 vs Bugaboo Cameloen

I have finally shortlisted 2 prams and very confused with the 2.
What were your experiences like and which would you recommend and why?

I would really appreciate your input. Thanks ladies.

fatema. xxx


  • Buggaboo is a fantastic pushchair,not heard many bad press reguarding it, only thing i would say if liking the Quinny is make sure it comes with a larger seat unit as found larger child not having much space for very long and straps quite short so see if comes with extensions.I work in retailer who sell both of these x
  • I have the Bugaboo and I think it is fantastic, really easy to use and nice and light to move around. I would say the only negative is that most of the accessories for it (parasol, footmuff etc) you have to buy separately, adding to the cost. I don't know if this is the case for the Quinny too or not.
  • I've gone for the bugaboo after trying out loads and loads, as Mrs AJ said it is fantastic, light and easy to move, i just love it!

    also though it is a bit pricey (ok a lot pricey!) someone on here recommended Lesters nursery world to me and they definately do the best deal around (i spent a long time looking!), they are based in manchester but are posting mine down to me in London and were really helpful.
  • Thanks ladies.
    After alot of thinking we've decided to go for the quinny. We did manage to find package deals for both but the bugaboo was almost ??200 more!!
    They both look great and both seem to have good reviews. Thanks again for your input.
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