bugaboo cameleon...

so today oh and i finally went and looked at buggys, and much to my suprise our favourite was the bugaboo cameleon... we tried out loads and loads but both came back to this one.

its not cheap but i wondered if anone had come across any really good deals on this most expensive item and anyone who has one if they feel it was worth the extra.

thanks. x


  • I'm afraid I can't help alot with the deals, although mothercare did have some discounts on last years colours, but I have one and it is worth every single penny. Millie is 19 months now and in that time it has been absoutely everywhere and has never let us down. We have used it in town, off road and just about everywhere you can think of and it has always been brilliant. The carrycot is really comfy, Millie used to sleep in it during the day, and at night if she wouldn't settle in her moses basket and once she got bigger the seat is great too. Millie loves the fact that it sits up straighter than alot of pushchairs and is a bit higher so she has a brill view. They are expensive but I really can't praise mine enough.
  • hi we bought a nearly new one off of preloved ready for baby was really impressed with it whenlooked in mothercare. there aren't many good deals out there on new but I think babyworld were selling them quite reasonably. also some places may price match. we're going to get the maxi cosi car seat in happy flower to go on the frame and the isofix base, good luck bargain hunting. chelle x
    e.dd.4th july
  • thank you very much ladies! its good to know you ike them! think i'll just have to scour ebay/preloved and gumtree til i find one!!!

    baby's not due til august so hve a bit of time!!!

    thanks again for your help.
    em xxx
  • Hi emdt,

    I haven't used this website before, but I came across it and so wish that I had found it before we got our Bugaboo Cameleon. Could have saved a bunch! That's if you want the accessories that come with it, which of course we did. They do package deals and the more you buy the more you save (if that makes any sense). Delivery is free, which is great, as when the box comes, it's BIG!

    Hey Chelle,

    Same pram!!! Maybe same car???!!!
    What colour is your Cameleon? Ours was a present from the bro in law (rather expensive present, but we gave him some money back as it wasn't really fair). My LO was 5 weeks prem, he had to rush to the shop and bought what they had in stock and so we didn't get our choice in colour, got a black and black one image Bit sad really, as I really wanted a bright one. But I think that ??75 to change the colour is extortionate. Am I being tight? Well, I got a red footmuff, so hopefully that'll put some colour in it.

    Sarah xxx
  • I want a pushchair that folds small but will take me off-road. I was looking at the Ziko Herbie but have read some really bad reviews and now I've started looking at Bugaboo Chameleon which I didn't think I was interested in at all. But having looked at the website I've decided it looks lioke a really versatile option.

    What's the difference between the Chameleon and the Gecko?
  • The chameleon has a height adjustable handle, slightly higher seat height, better fabrics and adjustable suspension on the front wheels (more useful than it sounds!) It also has a slightly bigger/longer seat and a slightly bigger storage bag. If either you or your oh are particularly tall/short you might be more comfortable pushing the chameleon so you can move the handle.
    Hope that help
    Kerry xx
  • Thanks Bedhead - another question: the dimensions in the spec make it sound as though it folds small but I've read somewhere that you basically have to take it all apart! Can it fold down small relatively easily?
  • It's pretty easy to do but you do have to take it apart. You have to take off either the seat or the carrycot and then fold the chassis down separately. If you are using the seat then the chasis will sort of sit on top of it, and if you take the wheels off (really quick to do) the chassis is no bigger than the seat if that makes sense? The carrycot is designed to fold flat but it is a bit of a faff and we never bothered (we had a big car boot though!) If it's properly folded down it takes up less than half the floor space in my (biggish) saloon and leaves enough room to stack stuff on top as well. What sort of car do you need to fit it in?
  • Here's a pic of the boot space: -


    THe back seat slides back and forth so you can make the boot bigger or smaller
  • Not sure tbh think it might fit folded right down with the wheels off but you don't stand a chance of getting the carrycot in the boot! Best bet might be to try it if you can, mothercare let us try it in the boot of my mini before we bought it. I ended up buying a new car after six months because the only way to get it in was to put the seat on the back seat but your boot looks a little bit bigger so you might be ok.
  • Hello Bedhead, I used to have a Mini too, my DH loved it, but as soon as we got our BFP, we sold it! We didn't even think about keeping it, so well done to you for keeping it for 6 months! Do you really find the suspension useful? I never really notice and I never adjust it. This is my 1st and only pram though.

    Redpod, the chassis looks like it will fit in your boot, but I agree with Bedhead, unless you flatten the lie flat, it's not going to fit. I never bothered to learn how to fold my lie flat either! John Lewis had a demonstration Bugaboo day once when I went down there, not sure how often they do these, but their staff are really friendly and knowledgeable, so maybe they can teach you?

    There is 1 major flaw in the Bugaboo though (I think anyway), when folded, the chassis doesn't free stand, which means you have to lean it against something or lie it on the floor. I do love the way the wheels come apart and click back into place, it really is easy. If I can do it, anyone can!

    What colours do you have or would like to get?
  • I use mine a lot off road and every now and again I notice it is hitting bumps not going over them so I know it's time to make the suspension a bit stiffer lol I wouldn't have kept the Mini if oh hadn't had a bigger car that I could borrow if I needed more space!
    My current bugaboo is the denim base with pink covers but I am actually on my 2nd. The original one was red with black covers and if I have one piece of advice it is don't get black covers! They show every bit of fluff. My car was stolen last August and the pram was in the boot which is why I had to replace it but tbh I like the new one much better!
  • I have black! image Although it wasn't my choice in colour really. I got red footmuff and parasol though image As I don't want to spend a small fortune on changing the colours.
    My DH LOVED our Mini, he used to wash it every Saturday before I even woke up! It was a convertible and the boot was tiny. We got it as we knew it would be our last chance before we started TTC, so I guess he got it out of his system image
    Sorry to hear about your car. Did insurance pay for a new buggy too? I have the 'old' bugaboo, and I too want to exchange it for the new improved! But I don't know where I can trade in. Do they part exchange anywhere?
  • Insurance paid for everything! We were actually targetted by a gang of pro's who were stealing oh's car to order. They broke into the house while we were asleep, found the keys where we hid them and drove both cars away. We got oh's back (it has a tracker) but mine is still missing. Actually did alright as when the insurance replaced everything I ended up with a better car, better laptop, better camera and better pushchair! Only thing I don't have is the personalised number plate oh bought me for a wedding present, I have to wait untill either the car turns up or until it has been missing a year.

    Don't know anywhere that does part ex but 2nd hand bugaboos sell really well on Ebay so you could always sell yours and treat yourself to a new one. Mine is going into tempory retirement in June as number two is due and I can't fit them both in!
  • Sorry to hear you got broken into as well! I feel saddened when I hear stories like this. But at least you got replacements and looks like you're looking on the bright side, which is the best way.
    I never thought about selling my pram on ebay, as I wouldn't know where to start! How would I even send it? The box is massive! Maybe I'll talk to DH about it.
    Good luck with your pregnancy, what pram are you going to get now?
  • mummysarahw - that's weird we do have similar taste - yes, got a sand coloured bugaboo chameleon off preloved - sooo impressed with it - can't wait to use it.

    Hubby/we had a ride/test drive in the Honda FRV today - it's great - but I sat in the back and felt a bit sick after the ride and was pushed about a bit into the door - know I won't normally be in the back but grandma will sometimes - hubby thought the drive would be slightly better. I think we're swaying towards the ford smax now but thanks for all the info - it's a great car just not quite right for us.... chelle x
  • Thanks for the replies - we have a local independant store that sells Bugaboos and they let you try them out in your car. We are going there on wednesday as it will be quieter than a Saturday so we should be able to park outside easier!

    I really like the versatility of the bugaboo. We need something that will manage off road as we live rurally by the coast so it needs to cope with beach and rough terrain. We like the Jane Slalom because of it's off-road capabilities but that definately doesn't fit in our smart! (My sister has one and we tried - it's huge - it was hilarious that we even bothered to try!!) Then I spoted the Ziko Herbie in a catalogue but my web research has revealed a lot of bad reviews.

    My hubby has a 4x4 that is really a workhorse for his business so we do have another vehicle but strangely its not that practical in terms of boot space! It is a short-wheel-base so the boot is actually quite small and also it is a three door and I don't like the idea of baby being in the back of a 3 door (not to mention I reckon its a real pain in the butt getting baby in and out the back seat via the front doors!) Depending how the business goes this summer hubby may get a different 4x4 for the business which mught solve our probs as I really love my smart and want to hold on to it if I can.

    If the Bugaboo does fit and we decide to go for it I will look at getting either sand and orange or sand and brown or red and orange or red and sand or combination of one of these!
  • Chelle, did you test drive a manual or automatic? As I didn't like the hand break in the manual, I was like 'how on earth do you get the biting point with this?' Up until then, I had NEVER driven an automatic before and was adamant I never would, but I loved the FRV so much, the guy in Honda gave me a lesson in how to drive an automatic! :lol: (I have been driving for 12 years!!!) It wasn't that hard, but I feel like you can't teach an old dog new tricks! But after that, we bought the FRV. Good luck with the Smax though. Are you sure you didn't feel sick due to your morning sickness?! :\?

    Hey Redpod, nice choice of coloursimage If you're buying a new one, make sure it's the NEW improved version. You can tell mainly by looking at the handle adjustment release. Old one is 'twist' like a butterfly nut, but the new one is a clip lock. There are other things, such as the tyres aren't air filled, they're now foam filled etc. So don't get conned into buying old stock.

    I'm just gutted that my Bugaboo was brand new, and I still didn't get the colours I wanted.and now the 'new' improved version has come out Sighs. :\( Had a long look at ebay just now. I don't think I can be bothered to try and sell my Bugaboo to go out and buy a new one. DH has just told me if I want it I have to do it myself as he doesn't think it's worth all the hassle. There are some cheap covers on there, but green? :roll: Ummm.... Think I might stick to the black!
  • We've ordered a camoflauge blue Phil and Ted's with the doubles kit to replace the bugaboo. I like it but I still prefer the bugaboo lol. Fortunately we had just sold the house when we had the break in, it is a lot easier to look on the brightside if you don't have to stay in the house that got broken into!
    If you just fancy brightening up your bugaboo you could just buy a coloured breezy sun canopy. I think they are only about ??25 and are much better than the thick one for the summer as they let the air through.
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