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slings - moby / kari me / close

We are expecting number 2 in the summer and have decided to give baby wearing a go. Hopefully it will allow me to give attention to the new little one, whilst still playing with our 18 month old. Have looked around and decided that a stretchy fabric sling is probably best. But there is still a lot of choice.

We're down to the moby / kari me / close - does anyone have any experience to share that would help us decide? (My husband is a lot taller than me so we need one that will fit both of us).
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  • Hi,

    My friend has a Moby sling and it's great. Once you get the hang of it it's really easy to put on and store. She is really tall and her OH is rather small and it fits both of them fine. This is the only thing I've not got yet, but I can't wait to buy one.

  • I've got a close, and I really really love it. So does hubby, it doesn't need much adjusting to go from me to him and it feels s so secure. I love that it can be worn in so many different ways too. Ds loves it, he's 6 months now and still likes being in the sling. His colicky weeks when he was tiny were awful, but I',m convinced they weren't as bad as they could've been because I put him in his close carrier and he could nap away in an upright position. x x x
  • i had a kari me, know nothing about the others so cant compare, however the sling was invaluable early days when the baby wants to be so close, allows you to get on with everything else and i will def be getting mine out again (20 month age gap when LO2 arrives). The sling is great can be worn in multiple ways, adaptable to dif sizes, comfy to wear BUT due to design of having to tie it can be bit akward to get on and off in hurry xx
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