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Hi Guys..

I'm sure like most moms.. you have so much to buy for the new baby and with the Credit Crunch... trying to save money were you can... So as everyone knows the internet is generally cheaper than local stores... but at what cost...

In November I ordered a Quinny pram, maxi cosa etc... from the above company.... This money was deducted from my account the same month... Delivery was for Jan 2009.... After several phones and unanswered emails... I was told there was a slight delay of a couple of weeks... this continued.. and after much deliberation... I decided to cancel the order....

The site information states 3-5 working days for the cancelation to be refunded... 3 months later I'm still waiting... I have been fobbed off with every avoidance technique you can imagine... Phone calls not answered.. voicemail not working so can't' get through... staff state will be sent an email of the refund and will be refunded that day.... has been processed already.. manager not in.. in meeting.. only person who can refund and I'm still waiting.... It's now in the hands of my solicitor...:x

This company is not reliable ... check out very similar experiences to mine...

By local better service.. and you can visit store if any problems....


  • Hey hunter123,

    Sorry to hear about your ordeal with Bambinodirect. They sound very unprofessional. But not all internet companies are the same. I've had really good experiences with Amazon, Ebay and this new website my sister's been using called Mother's World. I tihnk it's or .com not sure. But even though they can only be contacted via email, they were really good with responding to her queries. They delivered her Disney Speed Sun Stroller in just two working days and they sent her a little gift to say thanks.

    I wish it all works out for you though. Goodluck. Hope you get them good!

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    [Modified by: BBijou on March 29, 2009 01:10 PM]

  • Thank you for letting us know - some companies are just disgusting.

    Remember thought that if you paid by cradit card and teh amount is over ??100 - you credit card company can take the payment back and dispute it for you ! Ring your credit card company - they will explain!

    Good luck

  • BBijou - its funny bcos I have had so many problems with Ebay and Amazon sellers (so not actually Amazon) xx
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