Olive Oil fr dry skin

James is 6 days old now , his skin is a bit flaky on his body . The midwife says olive oil or vegetable oil is the best thing for dry skin , I'm sure boots do Olive Oil , as think my sister had used it .

Can anyone clarify this ?


  • not sure about boots, we just got an organic one from sainsburys which worked really well x
  • Just use a generic cooking olive oil, I used it for sonny when he was new born but tbh it is quite slipey & I ended up using magic cream by Avent instead, olive oil just took too long to apply & then soak in.
  • hi there when my little boy was about a week old he had dry flakey skin and one of the best thing i found was johnsons baby soothing naturals...nourishing lotion it comes in a light green squeezy bottle or tube and most good chemists stock it and u notice a difference from first use x
  • If you go to pharmacy and ask for baby oil they will sell it to you but its a small bottle , I use saisburys virgin olive oil and it works a treat, its safe also cause if your lo licks it off his fingers it will digest easily x
  • hiya,
    olive oil is a really good way of dealing with dry flaky skin, all u need is a standard olive oil, and if u apply it with cotton wool it goes onto the skin much eaiser therfore is lees slipery and absorbes much quicker.

    my sister swore by it with both of my nephews, and ill defo be using it if i need to wen my little one arrives.

    best of luck xx
  • Yep boots do sell it. That's where I got it and it worked a treat. S x
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