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Nursery decor

Hi there, Can anyone recommend an affordable website to buy pictures, lampshade and maybe some other accessories for my baby boys nursery my colour scheme is blues and reds and am looking for all vehicle related themes so far the bedding set I have chosen is the sailing boats bedlinen from Dunelm which can be viewed on there website.


  • Hiya
    I've seen some lovely ideas on the jojomamababe catalogue they have cars, trains , boats etc really nice designs and affordable too!
  • Hi Hefina,

    Great !! I actually had a look on there website and found some perfect things. Thanks. GX
  • Hi G

    Well I purchased some nursery furniture from a company called Little Devils and I personally thought it was really good quality and more importantly was excellent value for money...

    Their Hush Hush range is absolutely gorgeous so I would suggest having a little look. I've attached the website link below.

    I hope I was of some use to you and if not too much trouble could you let me what you thought of their Hush Hush cot bed as that's what I bought.

    Mrs Jones

  • If you are looking for pictures, have a look at this.

    we use your own photographs to create something really stunning for your nursery wall.

    Its very affordable as well/

  • Hi StrawberryG,

    Our website actually specialises in those things! Have a look and let us know what you think. image

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