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I'm due in May and starting to think about a travel system for the bump. We are on a tight budget so price is important but I want to make sure it's good for the baby. Anyone got any suggestions?


  • Hi, have you thought about second hand? We got a quinny buzz 3 with the carrycot dreami, car seat all accessories and extras all brillaint quality as it was hardly used for ??275 off ebay! If we'd have bought it all new it would have cost ??600-??700 xx
  • hi ya i've got the obaby zezu which starts as a pram then can be used as either a forward facing or parent facing pushchair you can also get a carseat which attachs too. Brought mine from cost aout ??180 for the pushchair [didn't get carseat as already had one but think the one that attachs is about ??60] its a fab pramette worth a look x
  • Hi, second hand is a good idea but be carefull when looking at carseats as you can't be 100% certain they haven't been in an accident. I have a problem with prams and pushchairs, the problem being i buy loads... think i'm obsessed! Some I get new and some I get pre-owned, near me there's a shop called Nursery World (it's in Stockport), I get all mine from there, prices are great and even the 2nd hand stuff looks new. I should know thier fone num but haven't got it, i know they're on facebook though,sure they'd be able to help.
    Good look in your searching and i hope this helps x
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