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Maxi Cosi - Mura 3

Hi girls,

Just looking for a bit of advice please. We're looking for a parent facing buggy for our 10 month old. We've just received the kurvi 4 pram but lo's head is already touching the top so sending that back.

I've been on the internet and saw the maxi cosi mura 3 which looks great but all the pics show it as either facing forward or parent facing with the car seat only. Does anyone know if the buggy can be parent facing with just the normal seat? Also, what is the shopping basket size like?

Any reviews of this pram or any other parent facing buggys would be much appreciated!



  • hi don't know anything about the mura but my lo is 10 months old and i've got the obaby zezu which is fab he's still sitting in it in the baby position [you clip under the pushchair to turn it into a more upright seat when they get bigger and older] so he's still got loads room. my 3yr old son can sit in it and hes head is only just leveled with the top. worth a look.
    hope that helps a little and good luck with your shop i know pushchair buying is a nightmare x
  • Hi Lucky mummy

    we have the maxi cosi mura 3 havent had a chance to use it yet but I can say that the seat can face either way, if you go on kiddicare you can view a video, seems like a nice sturdy pram (it is heavier then most) but no problem managing and pushing about getting it up kurbs etcseems quite spacious

    good luck with your pram search love Luc xxx
  • We have the mura 3 - my hubby's choice (I thought I'd be nice and give him the responsibility for the travel system!). I'm not a huge fan. The rear wheels are more widely spaced than the handle bar so I keep misjudging their width when squeezing through gaps/doors etc! I'm also not keen on the look of it. It's big, bulky and rather masculine (we have the grey slice).
  • Hi Lucky Mummy, yes the seat does face both ways. Kiddicare do have some deals on them but i've seen one in a shop in stockport, it's the brown one and it works out a better deal as it's got the matching bag and footmuff for ??279 The shop's called Nursery World, not sure of the phone no but they're on facebook (i'm a fan) & they do post things out if your not local. They do other parent facing buggies too and although it's really a shop selling new they do have some great pre-owned things. Hope this helps & good luck x
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