Hi everyone
just thought I'd let you know if you haven't yet done so, I just ordered the angelcare monitor (new model) from boots online, once you have registered with their parenting club you get your first on-line order with 10% off. They are also doing the monitor with ??10 off at the moment so it actually only came to ??63 I think + boots points, we also went mad and ordered loads of other stuff, like maternity pads, sudocream, disposable pants lansinoh nipple cream etc, all helps with the discount + free delivery over a certain amount, it all arrived today too and we even got a free bottle of palmolive shower cream.

If you apply for health club membership they give you loads of other stuff half price in-store. I bought their advanced forehead thermometre for ??12.99, normally double that and tens machine for ??24.99 having said that it says you can't use in labour???? So that's going back.

anyway make the most of it.
Em x


  • Boots are fab for their online shopping specially with the points you get, I order the follow on milk Rhys uses every six weeks and pecause it comes to over ??40 get free delivery. I always end up ordering other stuff as well (sometimes for me lol)

    Have you joined Tesco baby club yet, they are always sending point vouchers as well
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