Pushchair dilemma

I am having some issues in deciding which pushchair I want for he/she arriving in August. I've decided I would like one that can face forwards and backwards and have got it down to the First Wheels City Elite, the i2i Maxx or the Silvercross Linear. Does anyone have any of these and which would they recommend? Any help would be much appreciated!


  • Hi Answan, I have a similar dilema. My baby is due 7th Sept and I want a 3 in 1 pram. There are several sites u can visit - bounty have links to cheap deals too - try there. xx
  • have you tried them out with your OH. check that you're both OK with pushing, folding, changing attachments etc, you might find that they make your mind up for you.
  • check out the jane normad, carrera or the slalom with the matrix car seat it coverts into pram no need fos seperates its great
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