video monitor - can you tell what baby is doing?


Do you use a video monitor? How good is the picture? Can you get close ups? Is there enough detail to see if the baby has runny nose or is vomiting? Does it work in very dim light?

We have a very good audio monitor but I can't tell if baby has woken up or if has vomited. Our floor boards are really creaky and I don't want to go into the room to check only to find it's me that's woken up the baby. In the past month. with his coughing, all the numerous times that I've gone in just to see if he's vomited, he hasn't. Then the one time he had vomited in bed, he did not make any sounds at all.

I am just wondering whether getting a good video monitor will help give me better sleep. :\?



  • Hiya

    We have just bought the 'summer' video monitor from Argos - I think it was ??69.99 and I think its fab, its only black and white but depending where you put it, you can see really clearly. We have ours on the wardrobe, about a meter from the cot. Im not sure if you would be able to see if they had been sick though.... It also has night vision which is really clear.

    We got ours because Joseph has started to wriggle around in the cot and I was constantly going in to move his face away from the bars!! I have to say he is sleeping better though as when he crys now I can see that he is fine and in a couple of minutes he has turned over and gone back to sleep where as when I couldnt see him I was going straight in to settle him.

    Joseph used to be quite sickly and when he was in our room I was constantly feeling his face to see if he had been sick but like you, when he was I never heard it as he just spit it out silently - I just learned not to be too worried about it as he was'nt bothered by it at all. You could try putting a muslin square under his head and when (if) he wakes up for a feed and he has been sick you can easliy change it without having to change the sheet.

  • I've got one of the Summer ones too and I think it's fab! Poppy was a really sicky baby and the image is that clear that I could see the sick on her chin if she'd been sick! The night vision picture is great too - even when her room is really dark (no night lights and black out curtains!) the picture quality is really good. I can't recommend it enough although you do find yourself just watching them when you should be sleeping yourself!
  • Hiya yeah we have a Summer one too and they really r great. Wouldn't do without ours. Like the other girls have said u can check on them without waking them. We have put ours on the foot end of the cot with some bluetac and we get a really good picture of her then.
  • hi, just wondered which one from argos you had as there are two in there put summer monitor in search one is 99.99 or somrthing and the other 79.99 or similar. thanks as we were interested in getting a monitor nice to get one someone's recommended though as quite expensive. chellex
  • I think one of them is a colour one, I just have the black and white monitor one and I think it's fine!
  • the ??99 is the hand held colour one and the ??80 is the black and white tv style one. There is also a newer version but currently only avaliable on ebay from america. Which is bigger flat screen and also colour as well (black and white at night). Not sure when it will be avaliable in the uk, has excellent reviews on babies r Ours has just arrived and we were very impressed. Hubby spent a while researching into them xxx

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  • in answer to your question...
    ...yes its a video and audio monitor
    ....maximum range is 350ft away, optimal distance is 4-6 ft.
    ...7 inch screen, 900mHz for good clarity of photo.

    Hasnt been used yet, but from teh example photo on the box, yes you will be able to see when baby is being sick, and probably if has runny nose (although this will depend how far away video monitor is from baby.
    ...yes it can be used in all lighting. If the lighting is dim or room is darkened, the infared LEDS's transmit a clear image of baby so baby can be seen celarly still.

    Was very excited when it was delivered (we were like children opening the box!) and cant wait to put it to good use, xxx
    Depending on how much noise the baby is mkaing, depends how many buttons ligth up.
  • Hi we have used a video monitor with each of our 3 children - I feel a bit like big brother but they are great and I love watching them. I think they were fairly new out when we got our first one 7 years ago but I find watching my children on the tv more interesting than any programme (well for a few minutes anyway when they just look so cute).
    I find it very useful to see if lo has gone to sleep or just playing in her cot (ie hubby has left the wipes within her reach again and she is sitting there having a great time ripping them into little shreds and throwing them all over the place!) It does save having to physically go in her room. I would defintely recommend them xx
  • hi,

    Just an update. Because everyone's reply is so positive I've now bought a video monitor. It's a cheap one off eBay. We've used it a few days and nights now. I never realised LO wriggled about so much! He's just started to go round in circles whilst lying on his back.

    The screen on our monitor is tiny, just 1.5 inches. But we can link it up with the TV. Yes, like others have said, it's more interesting watching him than any programme (oh doesn't agree though).

    We just leave the video camera on night vision all the time since LO's room is made dark whenever he's in bed. Can't tell if he's been sick, but can see if he's pulled the blanket over his head or if a leg is stuck between the bars.

    And I feel much more at ease knowing I can see him in the dark without unnecessarily disturbing his sleep.

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