phil and teds push chairs

Can anyone recommend phil and teds sports buggies?

I think they look fab but I am a little unsure about fitting them in a Corsa and how easy they are to fold flat.
I also like the idea of being able to buy the double kit later on to make it a baby and toddeler buggy.
However, not sure about the baby cocoon and the way a new baby fits in the fold out bit at the back..looks a bit low down.
Has anyone got one or has any views they cam share with me?

Thanks x :\?


  • hi ive got the phil and teds and i love it! it folds up smaller than my old single pushchair and the wheels are quick to take off and put back on which makes it fold even smaller, my youngest is 5 1/2 months now and still fits comfortably in the back seat when hes sleeping, and it fits in the boot of my dads vw fox (which is tiny). Cant reccommend it highly enough, hope that helps. Hayley x
  • Hi - I've got this buggy and I think its brilliant - I use it as a double as I have a 4 1/2 week old and a 2 year old who likes to walk but also likes running off!! I have the cocoon and wasn't going to get one but its been a godsend on school mornings - (I also have a nearly 5 year old). They are alot of money but I do think they are worth it - check out ebay for 2nd hand bargains or as they tend to have offers on these buggies.
    Sam xx
  • I have one & absolutely love it. I couldnt recommend it enough. I got it coz we are due to have our 2nd baby in nov & I have a little girl who is almost 2 so weve really only been using it as a single at the moment, though I have had her 1 yr old cousin in t with her just to try it out & it was great. I got the cocoon coz I thought it would be handy if we were at our parents houses when the baby is small & it needs a sleep as well as when we are out walking.

    I had a mamas & papas travel system with my 1st & you couldnt even compare them. The phil & teds is a rolls royce to push in comparison as it just seems to glide along. My toddler also seems alot more comfortable sitting in it & we got a few of the acessories (the panier bags, the hang bag & the snuggle sack) which are fantastic too. I really wish that I had bought this one 1st time & saved myself a fortune coz its such a versatile buggy.

    I dont know if it would fit in a corsa as we havent tried it but it is smaller when folded than the mamas & papas we have & thats before you remove the wheels (which are easy to remove if you need to)

    Good luck pram hunting

    Hilary x
  • Hi,

    I'm looking to get one of these and I just went to Mothercare the other day and asked if I could check to see if it fitted in my Nissan Micra boot. They were very helpful and I can happitly report that it fitted really well, even without taking any wheels off.

  • I have a Phil and Teds pushchair and can honestly say I love it to bits! We've had it for almost three years now as I got it when my first lo was born as we knew we wanted to have more children. It really has lasted well and we have never had ne problems with it (apart from 1 puncture which we repaired). They are expensive to start with but we have definatley had our moneys worth as it's still going strong! Very easy to steer, does'nt feel like a double pushchair as it's not very wide. They fold up quite small aswell. I used to have a corsa and it fit in the boot of that as the wheels come off easily. I would definately recomend this pushchair to anyone with 2 small children or even somebody with one child who was thinking of having more in the future.
  • I have just bought this buggy so its good to see all these positive responses!
  • I absolutely love mine to bits & the only tiny fault I can find with it is that it sometimes sets of the alarms going in & out of shops!!! Its not really a problem & it doesnt worry me in the slightest but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this with theirs?

    Hilary x
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