Nursery furniture

I'm expecting my second baby in 5 weeks, I'd like preparing his nursery,
Where can I buy nursery furniture (like coats, chests...) in London or close London?
I saw something at Mama's&Papas, but they are quite expensive....

thank youimage


  • Sauters on Barking Road is brilliant. My mum bought my cot from there 25 years ago and was used by brother and 3 cousins.
    Also have some lovely stuff.
  • Ikea do some great stuff too.x
  • Also try Argos, you also get free delivery if you order a certain amount and get to look at it online
  • try they have loads of different brands and delivery to your door.
  • For anyone who is expecting a baby why not get a personalised canvas painted? Name, dob, birth weight & height, day of birth, hospital etc etc, any info you like can be included! All handpainted onto stretched canvas and as they are handpainted each one is unique! Take a look at the sample on ... thanks girls and all the best with the upcoming births, my no #2 is a long way off, 7months! *sigh*
  • I have been looking on eBay - you can pick up new items on there at reduced prices. I am tending to find something I really want and then just shop around and search online for the best price. You find that some specialist shops charge loads more for an identical item you can get elsewhere (For example, one cot I found in Argos for ??139 is being sold elsewhere at a dedicated baby/nursery website and magazine for ??259!!!!)
  • Thank you soooo much for your suggestions!!!!;\)
  • IKEA do really cheap cots and some of them are gorgeous, i saw one for about ??35
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