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Petite star Zia or the Silver cross pop?

I am stuck between getting the two of these. Does anyone have one? How good are they? Is the Zia stable enough?


  • How old is your lo? I didn't like the zia. I bought one when my lo was 18months because i needed i new buggy but i ended up returning it & getting a maclaren quest instead! On the zia, the back of the seat doesnt have a frame to support it & it just felt like cardboard! Also the seat doesnt sit as upright as i wanted it to. The silver cross pop is quite good, i looked at that too. Its good value for money too
  • hi i have a silvercross travel system which i love but i needed a stroller for a holiday. I got the pop in the same colour as my travel system. I LOVE IT!!! It goes everywhere with us! if you wanna ask me about it, do.
  • Thanks newbie mum, Do you find the seat deep enough? It looks really shallow.
  • I think its fine image
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