Is Ebay any good for baby stuff?

Hi girls,
Have you bought any of your baby stuff off Ebay? Everytime I look I can never find anything but would love to find some bargains!!!
What sort of things do you nuy on ebay? xx


  • God yes!

    I have bought tons of baby clothes from ebay - I get nearly all Next stuff as I love it so much but can't really afford to buy everything new. Never had any problems so far, i only buy things that are nearly new - which, lets face it, most baby clothes are as they only fit them for 5 minutes. Also bought a swing and bouncy chair, moses basket and bedding and cot bedding and some maternity clothes.

    Last night I won a single bed and nearly new mattress (had only been used as a spare bed for guests) for ??25!

    I also bought my wedding dress on ebay, brand new with the tags on for ??122 instead of around ??700 in the shops.
  • in a word YES!!
    im a huge ebay fan, i bought loads of maternity clothes off ebay, a tens machine, a sterilising unit complete with all the bottles (new), baby clothes, baby blankets, bedding, my mil got an almost new quinny pushchair compete with all accessories for ??80 for my brother in law, god theres definatley bargains to be had on ebay!
    Im on the look out for a cot bed for my lo (hes in a moses basket at min) have seen some really nice new ones complete with mattress for ??120.
    In fact when ever i want to buy something for baby, kids, myself or the house i always have a look on ebay first to see if i can get it cheaper.
    Then when you have done with the stuff... just relist it and make some money back.
  • Hey,
    I got my cotbed off ebay and love it, its a bit different to the ones I have seen in the shops. You tend to find you get a free mattress with them and have an option to upgrade thats what we did and it's all fantastic quality. I have bought some maternity wear and various other bits n bobs off ebay. I would deffo recomend it. I have heard one of the shops called online4baby is very good, apparently they have fantastic deals on buggies.
    Its worth having a look, happy bargin hunting.
    Amy xxx
  • ive bought baby things from ebay and ive been really pleased with what ive got, toys especially are good bargains, i bought a tiny love symphony mobile which are ??40 in the shops for ??20 and loads of other bits too.
  • Hiya
    I have bought a lot too
    Maternity Clothes
    Baby Clothes
    All my cot bedding
    and I am just about to go shopping on there for my moses basket!
  • ebay is great for baby stuff i have bought loads off there too.i go a brand new cot bed with mattress for 105 pounds and its lovely not too hard too assemble either.
    try it not all of us have the money to buy things brand new x
  • Thanks girls!! That sounds really great!! I've had a look on there and they have cot sheets really cheap so i put a bid on those! I'll try and get most of it on Ebay now then! I love to find a bargain!! xx
  • yeah you just have to be careful,i'm really new to it, only bought few things, so far i have bought a crib with bedding, a breastpump, a play pen, a tens machine, and a car!!!!
    i say be careful cos i bought a wardrobe the jamestown one from mothercare and it was supposed to be brand new with a few minor marks, but it is crap, it has black markerpen on it and a big split on one side, but apart from this everything i have bought i am really pleased with, good luck it's great fun!! xx
  • i got a cot bed and mattress for ??40!!!! i didnt use the mattress for the baby for saftey reasons but got a load of cheap material and covered it and made a dog bed!!!! nothing wasted.
    also have bought clothes, mainly next and gap.
    i am now looking at car seats as she is nearly ready to go up into the next size.
    its great, although i agree you have to be careful not everyone out there is so honest.
  • hi everyone,
    theres are many good baby shops on ebay. i part own one. on ebay you can buy new goods which are much cheaper than the shops because the shop owners don't have the huge overheads they would offline (although not as cheap as people think!). Definitely worth a look! If you would like a peek at ours its called cradledayzbaby.
  • I got a brand new birth to potty set of bambino mio nappies for ??150 & a lindam day & night system for just ??7.50. Its def worth watching

    Hilary x
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