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rainforest jumperoo

hi,does anyone have rainforest jumperoo? I would like one for my 7 month old who seemed to love it in a shop and would like to know if some other mum has got a good experience with it.Hubby will flip if I get it and baby loses interest after couple of goes.Thans!!!!


  • I got one for my Lo and it is the best money I have ever spent! She adores it and I can put her in it while I pop to the loo and know she is safe in it. It's helped build her legs up and she can already stand and cruise the furniture and has only just turned 8 months.

  • Hi,

    Same as d1ydiva!!!
    It was the best money I spent on my little one!!!
    I got mine from a shop on ebay and only paid ??60 inc. p&p.

    Naomi x
  • im after one of these too,what age can they be used from??
  • BUY ONE i had one when luke was 6 months he loved it and i carnt praise them enough i would tell anyone to get one im selling mine now but having trouble as i carnt use ebay(carnt be bothed!!) they are fab and have gone up in price since we brought ours!! they are so worth the money!!!!
  • hi happymom,how much are you looking at for yours??
  • my son, jordan had had his since 5 months and he loves it image
    best money ive spent image
  • I think Maddy was around about the 4 1/2 to 5 month mark. It all depends on how well your Lo can hold their head up really. Maddy held her head up well from an early age so I felt comfortable putting her in it. I had a door bouncer for her first but, you are very restricted with them. These jumperoos are fab cos you can move them about so easily.
  • I took my dd to mothercare world and tried her in all the activity things and she loved the jumperoo. I bought it begining of August and I agree with everyone else on here, she LOVES it.

    I wouldnt be without it and even though it was very expensive it was worth every penny.
  • Darn! There was one advertised in my local paper last week for ??15 - wish I'd phoned up now - bound to have been sold :roll::evil:
  • Hi there,
    I have a rainforest jumperoo which I have had for my daughter. I am thinking of selling it, to make a bit of room in my house now we have got a dog (!) - it is in almost brand new condition, still with original packaging etc. I was going to sell it for ??50, including p and p (to UK). Let me know if you're interested...
  • Yes we have the jumperoo!Definelty a must buy!xx
  • one of our best buys lo loves it
  • I got the Rainforest jumperoo, play mat and bouncer all on ebay for around or less than half price! My baby's due in two weeks but I just loved the look of them and the bright colours!
  • kayandpoppy do you still have the jumperoo as I would be intersted in buying it from you. Let me know, cheers Tammi & Ashton xxx
  • Hi everyone! Just to let you know that I am selling Maddy's Jumperoo as she has started taking her first steps and wants to walk instead of jump! Wanted to offer it to you all on here first and plan to Ebay it if there is no interest. I have split it all down and cleaned it (As per the pic) and it is all packaged in it's original packaging and box, complete with the instruction booklet and original tag.
    I am planning on listing it at ??50 plus ??10 P&P.

    Drop me an Email if you are interested or have any questions. My Email is [email protected]

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  • Argos are currently selling this for ??63.74!!!
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