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Anyone got the Obaby Zezu travel system?

We're expecting our first baby in February! I've been looking at various travel systems. Theres so many... Does any one have the Obaby Zezu pramette as theres not many reviews on it? So far i've considred the Silvercross 3D, Hauck Condor, M&Ps Pliko and I love the M&pS Skate but this one was way out of our budget. Any help would be much appreciated as im starting to get confused!



  • I really wanted the zezu unitl i played with it in kiddicare and decided i hated it.colour wasnt nice, folding not great for me and a bit bulky. I have now bought the Maxi cosi, Bebe confort Loola and car seat travel system which i love and cant wait to use in dec!

  • that's interesting to read wonderlandgirl because i've got the loola and have been using it 6months now with ds3 [i brought it with ds2 so had it 2and half yrs now] but was looking into getting the obaby zezu because my loola won't unfold properly now either 1 or both handles won't lock so it keeps collasping on lo!! But nowhere near me sells the zezu so i would of had to of ordered over the internet but i think i'll look into a few other 1st before i spend my pennys.x
  • Hello, yes I have got this travel system, nowhere near me sells it but I watched a video on and bought it from there.
    I find it a good travel system except for -
    Base is heavy to lift in and out of car
    The buggy part converts to a carrycot but this has no mattress so I had to buy one.
    Parasol useless and doesnt stay attached

    Plus points are -
    Carrycot very comfy for my baby (now 13 weeks old) she loves sleeping in it
    Very easy to push and can be pushed easily with one hand
    Very handy to put car seat on the base when out and about
    Reasonably priced

    I got the black one as at the time didnt know if I was having boy or girl
    Would definately use kiddicare again, very good delivery

    Now I have bought the Maclaren XLR techno buggy and this is much easier and lighter to lift in and out of the car. LO still sleeps in the Obaby during the day for naps.

    Hope this helps !


  • hi me again.... just wanted to say i ended up buying the zezu and i love it. i love the fact that i can sit it up into an upright position for lo when he gets older because my loola didn't sit very upright and its lovely to push one handed too which the loola wasn't . definately worth the money great pramette
  • Hi, We ended up buying the Zezu including the car seat. I love the pram/pushchair but I took the car seat to our council to get it fitted and it doesnt fit our car! Has anyone else had this problem? We have an MG ZT which is based on the BMW interior so the seat belts are the same as the BMW. Apparently the seatbelts are more side facing and wider therefore do not fit the car seats properly. I ended up buying the Graco Logico as it was the safest option. I wasn't too happy as I brought the zezu travel system and now cant use the car seat. But as long as the seat is safe now thats all the matters and i just wont be able to use the Graco car seat on the Zezu chassis! x
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