Birthday Present for Mum in her second trimester

Hello, my partner and I are expecting our 2nd (my 3rd) child in October and its my partner's birthday in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if anyone had any nice suggestions for presents. I was thinking about getting my partner a Pink Angelsounds Fetal Doppler and maybe a Dreamgenii support pillow and was wondeirng if anyone had any experience with these products ?

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  • I treated myself to a Zorbit gift pillow gift set: -

    I actually got it for ??20 on offer in a pink colour but it's still not a bad price. It came packaged as a gift set and I am sooo happy with it. Its lovely and comfy. I use the little wedge cushion under my bump when I'm lying on my side and use the big u-shaped cushion to prop myself up in bed to read or watch TV (or during heartburn) and at night I tuck it between my knees. It also came with an eye mask which I will put in my hospital bag so I can get some shut-eye in the day if I get a chance!

    I think it looks more versatile than the dreamgenii - you can use it all together in the same way but the advantage is you can use them separately too. Also the u-shaped cushion can be used after baby arrives as a breastfeeding pillow whereas I think the dreamgenii would be a bit cumbersome. Also it's pretty and so more gift-like. The covers are washable so still practical.

    With the money you save on the dreamgenii you could perhaps get some nice mum-to-be smellies. Boots do a range and I think Body Shop do a mum-to-be range too.

    The other thing with the dreamgenni is that I think it looks like it would hamper spooning in bed! The zorbit set means your wife can have support for her bump and her knees whilst you can still cuddle up to herimage
  • What about a facial? i would appreciate that much more than anything when pregnant and sore and tired! x
  • I agree, I would rather have something to treat myself to a pamper rather than something pregnancy related. How about vouchers for a spa/beauty salon that does pregnancy massages. Or some nice make up or something.
    I've got an Angel sounds doppler and it's good but I wouldn't have wanted to receive it for my birthday !! Suz x
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