Bugaboo or Mamas & Papas Pliko Pramette??????????

Please, please, please can I have some advice! We bought a Pliko pramette for our lo before he was born and it's hardly been used! I find it to heavy to push when my lo is sitting in it, and I also find it really awkward when im in shop as you can't push it with one hand. We have bought a stroller which is great however I don't think its's very comfortable for lo when he's in it for a long time, as he refuses to sleep in it. Im now considering getting rid of it and getting a bugaboo as i've heard so many great things!! Should I get rid and buy a bugaboo or should I just stick with the pliko???

Sorry for the long post!!!!


  • i was in a baby shop the other day and i saw lots of pregnant people buying pushchairs big heavy ones and i really really wanted to grab them and shake them coz my lo is 1 now and ive had 3 pushchairs and i really really want another i had a mamas and papas pliko then a loola now i want a buggy i tried to convince my friends to but they were ahving none of it one brought the bugaboo and now she has a obaby buggy and the baby is 7 months so plz plz dont if youre going to buy another pushchair then go for a stroller they are the best get one that lies right back and comes with a footmuff and rain cover im going for a chicco liteway stroller TRUST ME!!!!! you will regret it so much
  • Hi! Thanks for your reply, I think I will stick to my stroller as it it really light. I think the trouble is all these pushchairs seem light when you're in the shop trying it out and then once you get your lo in it , it's a totally different story!!!
  • I had a Bugaboo Chameleon for Millie and I can't recomend them enough. It feels far lighter and is easier to push than my Maclaren stroller and was used everyday for two years with no problems at all, I only stopped using it because the arrival of number 2 meant I had to swop for a double. I those two years it went absolutely everywhere and Millie was always happy and comfy in it. It is a lot of money to spend but I would say that if you are thinking of having any more kids it would be money well spent, I really don't think you would be disappointed with it.
  • Thank you so much for your reply bedhead, secretly I was hoping someone was going to recommend the bugaboo!!!!!! I have truely fallen in love with it, although persuading dh is going slowly! LOL. At least i've managed to get him to agree to test driving one on sat. We are def thinking of having another lo so im trying to get him to look at it as a good investment!

  • I think i'm going to purchase the Cameleon, do you know of anywhere (internet etc) that does a good deal???

    Bambinodirect.co.uk is the best i've seen so far at ??694.95 which includes car seat, adapters and footmuff..

    Anyone seen anywhere else??

    Kelly. x


  • I have just bought lo's highchair from a place called Lullabys and they were fantastic. Customer service was incredible and they are pretty competitive on prices. They have the Bugaboo plus car seat and adapters for ??664.

  • I have gone for the bugaboo and am just waiting for the baby to arrive so I can put him/her in it!!!

    I got the best deal i could find from Lester's nursery world in manchester - ??629 for cameleon, car seat and adapters and free delivery nationwide...

    they were very helpful and I looked a them over the internet and then spoke to them over the phone. They delivered when they said they would and I can't recommend them enough.

    also love my bugaboo and oh's freinds keep coming over and playing with it asking if they can take the baby out in it when it comes!! LOL!
  • The best deal i'd seen was with lullabys ??664 for pushchair, car seat and adapters and they also do free delivery. I actually live close to lullabys and Im going to pop over there tomorrow to have a look and hopefully get one!!!!!


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