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Pregalates - Pilates for Pregnancy

Hi girls,
I am not sure whether I am allowed to do this on this forum or not, but I thought of giving you, all pregnant ladies, this opportunity first, before I list them on Ebay.

Anyway, I am selling 4 new Pregalates DVD (Pilates for Pregnancy by Tasha Lawton) for ??35 including p&p (they retail at ??12.99 each). There is one DVD for each trimester and one for post natal and I have bought them with great intention to exercise through out my pregnancy. However, great intention only lasted for a couple of weeks, when my morning sickness kicked in, hence the first DVD is almost new, as I have used it only 5 times. I have now got 3.5 (fingers crossed not any longer) weeks to go and instead of them sitting on the shelf collecting dust, I would rather sell them to somebody who's going to make use of them, as exercising is not on top of my priority list at the moment.

The workout lasts approximately 45 minutes and covers the following :

- Warm up
- Tummy
- Legs
- Gluteals
- Back
- Balance
- Lateral Strength

Please feel free to ask any questions and if you would like to buy the DVDs, I would prefer PayPal payment and I would send them out the same or the following day, depending on the time that the payment has been made.

Thanks, Roxy

x x x


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