Mamas and Papas Luna

Has anyone purchased the Mamas and Papas Luna Stroller, and if so, are they happy with it?


  • I don't have one myself, but heard that they aren't that good - the harness isn't secure (a trait with all M&P's I believe), so not great for a newborn baby, and also heard from a few people that they set shop alarms off all the time!
  • I dont have the luna but I had a M&P's travel system for my last & the harness was a nuissance once she got up a bit coz she could get the straps off & get out

    Hilary x
  • I heard babies are slipping about all over the place in the luna, my cousins friend wasn't happy with it and when we went in m&p on tues the saleswoman told us she wouldn't recommend it to anyone!
  • Thanks for your replies girls.
    When I get time, I may pop into MandP and take lo with me and try it out first before making any decisions.
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