Mothercare Smart Nappy

Advice please from anyone using reusable nappies! Has anyone tried the new Mothercare Smart Nappy system and if so, what do you think?

My baby is not due until January but I am hoping to use reusables and this looks like a good system!

Thanks. George,x


  • Ive just swopped over to reusables. Dont have any of these (yet) and not sure how good they are. I got some 2 part systems for my newborn but found this to be way too bulky and so I have used disps for 4 months. Now that he is more of a decent size I have tried cloth again and found that pocket nappy systems work the best (for us anyway). We have some bumgeniuses, swaddlebees and wonderoos. Im waiting for a happy heiny, fuzzi bunz, minki and pocket bot in the post (its too addictive!). I would advise you trying a few different styles until you find what suits you!!
  • Hi George,
    I have just started using bumgenius and so far really impressed (think I bought them after seeing a post from dinky_cath). They are easy to use and very leaks so far. They are also nice and soft and seem comfy for baby. I got mine from where there's loads of different nappies and I think quite honest reviews.
    I did start with tommee tippee cotton bottoms as I was attracted to the price but I really think it's worth investing a bit more for a good reusable.
    Sorry I haven't had any experience with the new mothercare nappies.
    Good luck xx
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