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Britax Vigour - P Type brackets /adaptors desperately needed

Can anyone help?

I made an ebay purchase that has left me a little stumped. Bought a vigour 3 travel system that arrived wtihout one half of the P type brackets and the seller can't locate them. Does anyone have any spare? Know where I can get them, am keenly watching eBay again but the verve P type brackets are different from the vigour p type brackets - very confusing and Britax not able to help....

Any suggestions very gratefully received!


  • I put one of these together today and am not sure what part you mean but Britax would be able to help you, although you would probably have to pay for the spare part. If Britax won't help you directly, you could pop into your local Mothercare and they can order any spare parts you may need.
    Hope that helps
  • Britax won't help- believe me! As far as they are concerned it's an older (3 years old) model and they just don't help at all. I can send you a photo of my P type brackets if that helps. It really is a pain!
    Alison 37 weeks
  • Thanks Alison, I have the user guide for the brackets would you believe - the seller managed to find those so have a pic, but can't find anyone to make them for me... unfortunately the verve ones are different even though they're still called P type!! I've still not popped so maybe bump is waiting until I've sorted it!!
    Nikki 40+5
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